We suggest to please read the Travel Policy as all needed details are written here. Please see link below:

Travel Policy for LLC

What are reimbursable and not reimbursable according to our Travel Policy? (these are just a summary, reading the travel policy is still suggested)

1. Lounge Use or Expedited processing fees: Fees associated with visiting airport lounges, expedited processing for fast-track entry or pre-screening programs are not reimbursable by the Company.

2.  Amounts incurred in excess of the per diem will be the obligation of the traveler. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (or related) expenses, expenses for in-room movies and minibar refills, as well as any other expenses for products or services deemed illegal under U.S. Federal and Virginia state laws are not reimbursable

3. Travel expenses for family members or guests who are not traveling as Travelers, are not reimbursable. (please see travel policy)

4.  Cell/Mobile Services: When cell phone has to be used during travel for the Company, and the Traveler uses own cell phone, cell phone charges are reimbursable up to the amount pre-agreed by a supervisor/project manager in support of conducting Company business.

5. Internet: When an internet connection is required during travel for the Company and free internet connection is not available, charges are reimbursable up to the amount pre-agreed by a supervisor/Project Manager in support of conducting Company business.

6. OTHER REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES (please direct to our travel policy as this may require detailed information)

    a. Tips: up to 20% at restaurants and taxi; $1 per bag (Traveler must be aware of tipping practices in the locations they plan         to travel prior to departure);

    b. Laundry: for trips in excess of five days;

    c. Parking: Airport economy lots and hotel self-parking/valet;

    d. Tolls;

    e. Use of an exercise facility (up to $15/day when free access to hotel gym is not available);

    f. Currency conversion for international travel.

7.  MISCELLANEOUS TRAVEL EXPENSES - Miscellaneous travel expenses are reimbursable when they are extraordinary and     necessary to accomplish the official business purpose of a trip. (expense report form is required)